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Ben Stroup is a natural disruptor, content activist, digital native, idea and data visualization junkie, and completely geeky about marketing, growth, and technology. As often as he can, Ben spends time with his wife and two boys. When he’s not traveling, you can find him running down the road, swinging a club down the fairway, downloading a new app, or creating a new spreadsheet to collect data and measure something.

I am a big FAN of Ben! This man is crazy gifted and creative, yet he can task away and be as detailed as needed for both clients and partners. I highly recommend Ben. You and your organization will benefit from working alongside him.
— Bryan Miles, CEO and Co-Founder, BELAY
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Chief Growth Architect

Ben Stroup is a data-driven, tech-savvy marketing and revenue growth strategist. He helps brands, businesses, and causes design, develop, and deploy fully integrated, sustainable, and scalable business models that result in engagement, leads, revenue, and growth.

Whether he’s turning raw data into compelling visualizations, coaching leaders through friction points in engagement and conversion systems, helping sales or development teams overcome objections, or writing one thousand words per hour to help an executive leverage their personal brand, Ben’s passion is to ensure his clients maximize their impact in every way possible.

Ben has the ability to audit, assess, and activate practical strategies and solutions that eliminate the gap between opportunity and impact. Take a few minutes to review case studies that document success and a proven track record of results.

He has also written, edited, or collaborated on more than 35 books and eBook projects. Some of his latest book projects include Unconditional Love (B&H Publishing Group, 2012), Hope in Front of Me (with former American Idol finalist Danny Gokey, NavPress, 2013), and Awaken the Outlaw (Abingdon Press, 2015). 

Ben is a graduate of Belmont University (Nashville, Tenn.). He and his wife, Brooke, along with their two boys, Carter and Caden, live in the Middle Tennessee area.

He loves just about anything related to leadership, development, or strategy. You can connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Velocity Strategy Solutions

Velocity comes from two key components—speed and direction of motion.

It’s incredibly frustrating when you continue to pour more and money, time, and people into previously proven processes and systems only to end up with similar or diminished results.

You probably feel the speed of change is happening faster than you have the time to understand, integrate, and assimilate into your workflows. And that can just add to your frustration and feedback loops which can cause you to unintentionally perpetuate current norms in hopes that something will change at some point in the future.

If you accept that reality, your role shifts from driving change to managing decline. And that posture is not only defeating personally and professionally but can become your downfall in an increasingly iterative marketplace.

The truth is you aren’t short on ideas. But you’re not sure exactly sure what to do next either. That’s the source of friction Ben designed Velocity Strategy Solutions to resolve.

Prioritize & Execute

You need the ability to prioritize and execute your ideas in ways that minimize risk while maximizing leading and lagging indicators of growth. And once you know exactly why and what, then you need to understand how to access your latent growth potential.

With a flexible framework designed around your context, Ben wants you to be able to move past the fog of confusion and lean into the critical next actions you need to take to adapt and grow.

When you know how to align demand generation, lead development, conversion optimization, and growth acceleration, you are able to frame your current reality (business as usual), focus your efforts and resources around your defined outcomes and key results (preferred future), and grow by implementing integrated and interdependent systems you can be sustain and measure over time (continuous improvement).

The natural by-product of velocity is momentum. And that’s what Ben calls your happy place.

Core Competencies & Areas of Expertise


  • Utilizes data analytics and visualization to identify opportunity and prioritize resource allocation for maximum impact

  • Designs life cycle models to measure engagement, moves management, and drive toward maximum lifetime value

  • Develops and executes relevant and timely campaigns, collateral, and projects to grow the top of the funnel, manage engagement and cultivation, and turn clients, customers, and donors into raving fans and evangelists

  • Manages and amplifies the organization’s integrated marketing and its channels: print, digital, events, and social media

  • Provides leadership for the creation and implementation of marketing campaigns that support specific products or causes, including positioning to create and drive the marketing message

  • Develops the brand image and initiatives to foster brand loyalty, attract a broader base of attention and engagement, and expand the existing customer, client, or donor base


  • Leverages social media to enhance brand awareness, drive leads, and deepen relationships

  • Social Media savvy, with strategic implementation channels, creating and streamlining blogs for new topics/entries, and monitoring/driving positive communication

  • Implements organic and strategic SEM and other digital marketing campaigns using larger SE organizations (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, etc.)

  • Works collaboratively with sales and development teams to develop and execute analytics-driven marketing programs that drive demand generation and lead development


  • Highly skilled in developing the content strategy, and plans, creates, and manages a range of engaging print and digital content

  • Collaborates with all parties to conceive and develop new/existing creative content and materials that are strategic, on-brand, and on-brief

  • Brings an abundance of ideas to drive response, engage the target audience, and bring the brand, business, or cause to life

  • Carefully prioritizes work and oversees capacity to ensure workflow matches resources, timeline, and budget expectations


  • Develops and executes the product launch process for new products, services and causes, ensuring successful launch into the appropriate channel and marketplace

  • Employs a combination of strong skills in project/program management, marketing communication, coordination of resources, and an ability to translate technical specifications into functional benefits

  • Manages all elements of the product launch process including value proposition articulation, development and execution of go-to-market plans, and internal organizational readiness


  • Establishes the strategy, goals, and tactics necessary to achieve aggressive growth targets and market share within existing accounts and markets, while expanding into new markets

  • Maximizes performance through consistent and effective coaching and data-driven feedback

  • Coordinates the total capabilities of the organization or brand in creating a winning go-to-market strategy and flawless execution

  • Identifies opportunities for new service offerings, assesses these opportunities, and pursues viable leads to their fruition

  • Stays abreast of new products, services and information of interest and relevance to target audience

  • Monitors competitive activity to develop strategic methods of attaining new business

  • Establishes and maintains positive relationships with strategic partners and industry-related professionals to gather business intelligence, and takes action on relevant findings

I’ve known Ben for many years and have had the opportunity to work with him on three separate projects. He has incredible tenacity, clear vision for how to move an organization forward, and passion for wanting the best for both the people and organizations involved.
— Kimberly Stewart, Co-Founder, Infinity Giving


These are just a few of the more than 35 book and eBook projects in Ben’s portfolio. Review a broader sampling here.

Media Appearances


Below are a few of Ben’s most recent blog posts. Read more practical ideas and strategies here.

Ben is one of the most driven people I know. He has an uncanny ability to cut to the chase and quickly understand the purpose behind a strategy and then push that strategy into implementation for tangible results. He’s exactly the kind of guy you’re glad to know is on your team—and not your competition’s team.
— Bill Seaver, President and CEO, Techno-Aide

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