Ben has exceeded the expectations I placed on him when I hired him as a consultant. I highly recommend him to others, and I would hire him again.
— Russell Daws, Investment Management, ATA RiskStation

Content Marketing Strategy Transforms Traditional Business

A business cannot guarantee success or longevity simply because it has expertise in a particular industry. Recognized brands die every day. A content marketing strategy developed and executed by Ben Stroup helped one legacy company go from slow decline to exponential growth, while in the process revitalizing it and establishing it as an industry thought leader.


University president leverages book to achieve institutional goals

Establishing a presence in a competitive market is a necessity for leaders as well as for businesses. Often it is the leader who attracts interest, investments, and other resources that strengthen the organizations they represent. But how does one differentiate themselves when surrounded by other successful leaders? Ben Stroup helped one leader positively position himself by executing a comprehensive content marketing strategy from concept to completion.


How content marketing supported one technology firm's rise to the top

It can be difficult to differentiate a business in a competitive software market, especially if competitors offer similar options. The temptation is to launch a marketing strategy that “shouts louder” than the other guy. Throw in a price increase and there is the definite potential for financial disaster. However, a content marketing strategy designed by Ben Stroup helped one firm increase sales, establish itself as an industry thought leader, and overcome a cost increase with little attrition.