The Obvious Stuff

I love it when I hear from you and am disappointed when I do not. I promise to honor your note with my attention. I will respond appropriately and in a reasonable period of time. If we haven't already connected online, you can find me most often on Twitter and LinkedIn mostly.

When You Want to Be More Than Social

Most people want to talk about:

  • Book and Writing Projects

  • Collaboration and Learning Experiences

  • Speaking, Podcast, and Event Opportunities

We Have This in Common

Time is limited for both of us. That's why I refer all book projects to my literary agent. (You can skip the form below and email him directly.) 

If you're interested in reaching out for a reason other than a book or writing project (and I assume you are because you've made it this far), please use the form below. (Just scroll down a little more.) It's the easiest (and most direct) way to get in touch with me.


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