If you can't answer that question ... neither can the PERSON in the PEW.

That's a BIG problem. And a proven strategy to NOT FUND your organization.

The answer to this question is your most important asset. Focus on it. Lose sleep over it. Write it over and over until you get it right.

THEN ... practice saying to yourself, your wife, your closest friends (and maybe your biggest critics).

Only when YOU'RE convinced will you be able to inspire others to join you (notice I assume you are already funding your vision).

Answer the question in 30 seconds or less.

BETTER ... answer the question in 30 words or less.

Then you'll know you know what you think you know.

And then you'll be ready to "ask" others with confidence and expect a generous response.

Answer the question in a clear and compelling way, and you'll unlock giving potential you didn't realize existed.

Image Credit: Shutterstock