Marketing has changed. You know that. I know that. Unfortunately, many who sit in executive level, decision-making positions still believe the marketing strategies they "cut their teeth" on 30 years ago still dominate the way consumers buy whatever it is you're selling.

Until a new generation of marketing professionals move into senior level roles, this tension will continue to exist.

That being that case, I often find myself answering questions about why there is so much "fuss" about digital marketing. I thought I'd share some observations that I usually include in my initial response:

  1. Search engines have replaced interruption marketing. I want to find you, not the other way around.

  2. Everyone is a publisher and must act like one. Content isn't an extra; it is the very means by which you will survive in an inbound marketing world.

  3. Your content must be implicitly and explicitly beneficial to the reader. Direct response TV may still generate dollars, but you're not going to get very far with anything that smells like bait. Share knowledge and perspective generously.

  4. Consistently and frequency are key behaviors to long-term success. It's not about hitting it out of the park once. Those who will "win" in this new world of marketing are those who think less like a sprinter and more like a marathon runner.

I'm excited to see brands, businesses, and causes embrace new media, even though it's hard for me to call it "new" anymore. I think the battle for the legitimacy of social and digital media has been won. It's part of the mix.

The next battle to fight will be moving it from "one more thing" to add to "the mix" of marketing activities to essential to all consumer interaction and customer segmentation growth models.

It will take time for perspectives (and people) to change. It always does. My hope is that it's sooner rather than later.

How are you championing inbound marketing in your work?

Image Credit: Shutterstock