I was stunned when my publisher called a few months ago and said I would be interviewed on CBN's The 700 Club about my latest book. I know I may be a big deal to my boys, and my wife loves me a lot. But I'm just "little Ben Stroup." 

This was my first TV experience. And it was live.

I was worried I would stumble and stutter. While the guest coordinator and associate producers did their best to calm my nerves, there is nothing that prepares you for that moment.

I remember sitting down on the set, and I remember my book's intro segment. The next thing I knew Gordon Robertson, the host, was closing out the segment. I walked off the set not remembering anything I said. Then a rush of fear set in when I began to wonder if I said anything intelligent. And if I didn't, I just embarrassed myself on a national TV program that is broadcast internationally. Yikes!

The second I returned to the "green room" (which isn't green by the way), I asked if I could watch the segment. I was relieved to learn I did speak in complete sentences and seemed somewhat composed. Whew!

Sometimes things happen we can't explain. Our only response is gratitude.

There was a lot of pain and loss that I experienced before I ever wrote the first word of that book.  Being on The 700 Club reminded me that redemption is part of the human experience. The great adventure called life is full of peaks and valleys. It is all part of how we are shaped into our Creator's design and intention.

That day was a peak experience.

The most rewarding part has been the notes I've received from people I don't know. They told me about their unexpected "interruptions" and how that set them on a new journey that ultimately led to abundance and blessing. We don't experience pain so that we can encourage others. But we can use our pain to point people to the relentless hope that is always before us.

Just in case you missed the two interviews ... 

Interview #1: The 700 Club

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There is an adventure right in front of you.

The question is whether or not you will find the courage to leave behind the illusion of security and stability and reach toward the opportunity to re-invent yourself again and again. The purpose of life is not a destination. Rather, it is to experience life in all its fullness.

What's your next move?