An effective Chief Content Officer (CCO) is a professional brand evangelist. He or she lives at the intersection of communications, marketing, and technology. He or she is not merely a manager of all the moving parts. Instead, a CCO looks for the common story thread that brings all the different pieces into focus so that each individual function can work together to advance larger organizational outcomes.

Here’s what this looks like on a day-to-day basis.

A Cheif Content Officer ... 

  • Crafts compelling stories.

  • Defends the honor of the brand online and offline.

  • Organizes clients, customers, and donors to work toward a common goal.

  • Identifies and neutralizes potential threats to a brands integrity.

  • Monitors all corporate messaging.

  • Looks for new distribution channels to reach a broader audience.

  • Champions a call-to-action throughout any content or communication plan.

  • Mitigates any internal contentions between senior management and content producers.

  • Constantly researches the industry and verticals where the brand has the greatest chance to gain traction.

  • Connects with key influencers to borrow their platform to expand that of the brand.

  • Provides process around messaging to ensure it is systematic and able to be measured regularly.

  • Tests new methods and tools constantly to ensure the brand they represent has the right mix of tools and strategies for maximum effectiveness.

Review a detailed job description.

If you’d like to see a more complete and detailed job description, Content Marketing Institute has put a comprehensive one together to guide your thinking.

Does your brand, business, or cause have a CCO?

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