The brand-as-publisher revolution is remapping go-to-market strategies for brands brave enough to do things differently. 

Don't believe me? Just ask Red Bull. Somewhere along the way to sponsoring a guy who jumped out of a rocket to earth an energy drink company became a media company. 

That moment was a defining moment for the life of Red Bull as a brand. But there are more brands making the switch, too. Brands like American Express, Buffer, and Chipotle Mexican Grill. 

ReadScaling: How to Grow Up From a Brand Blog to a Brand Publisher. 

So what if you want in on this revolution? 

There are 7 shifts that need to take place for your organization to truly be prepared to become a brand publisher: 

  1. Adopt a new mindset. This is about engaging your audience for the long haul, not just getting their attention long enough to sell them something.

  2. Shift your organizational structure. Brand publishing is a mix of marketing, communications, and technology. Give appropriate authority to leaders within your organization to act.

  3. Rethink your marketing. Instead of being a voice for the organization, become an advocate for the person you want to reach. You are theirrepresentative within the brand. Fight for them as often as you have to.

  4. Create new seats on the bus. You can't create change and not expect some seatsto change. You'll add new ones, remove existing ones, and realign a few, too.

  5. Assess your existing talent. No publisher is stronger than the skills and commitment of its staff. Some won't want to make the switch. Others will finally start to thrive. 

  6. Implement new processes. Every company is a system made up of a series of smaller processes. If you can remap your processes, you'll eventually start to see different results.

  7. Focus on outcomes. Efficiency doesn't spend very well for publishers. Effectiveness does. Value (and reward) what really matters.

Change is painful, but we're still on the front end of this transition.

You can wrap your arms around it now or be run over by it later. It's your call. Acting now will allow you to be propelled forward. Waiting will cost you everything. 

Are you ready to become a brand publisher?

Image Credit: Shutterstock