Not that "F" word!

That's another post for another time. I'm talking about F-O-C-U-S in your content and messaging strategy. The ability to stay on target until you determine the campaign is a horrible failure or a raging success.

Too many give up before they give an idea the chance to succeed.

Many of the organizations I talk to have so many different messages surrounding their work that they, themselves, aren't sure what's up or down. And if the organization isn't on the same page ... clear about its identity, purpose, or goals ... don't get frustrated with the audience ... consumer ... reader, etc.

By the way ... the audience ... consumer ... reader ... is SMARTER than organizations (you) give them credit for.

In fact, they hold all the power to turn the volume UP ... or completely put you on MUTE.

Focus means fewer messages consistently distributed over more channels (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, E-newsletters, print media, etc.). Not the other way around like it used to be in the old media world.

How many messages are you sending to your audience? Too many? Too little? (Measure by the results, not by your gut.)

P.S. Confusion creates clutter. I hate clutter. Lack of focus also creates opportunity for your competition (or another competing voice) to earn the attention of your audience. I hate losing. Don't you?

Image Credit: Shutterstock