The Essential Information

Ben has consulted with a diverse roster of individuals and organizations on a wide range of content and marketing related issues including data, strategy, planning, implementation, and optimization. In every case, Ben works to ensure growth and revenue targets are met and exceeded.

Ben has a unique ability to research, analyze, then develop engaging strategies that produce results! I have seen him in action in various settings and always have been impressed with his work.
— Wayne Elsey, Founder and CEO, Elsey Enterprises

Methods of Engagement


Sometimes you just need an objective voice who can challenge or validate what you think is true. In this method, Ben is utilized as a contributor or collaborator to a leader or team responsible for taking action.

  • Talk with Ben for an hour. This could be virtually or via phone. Use the time to ask questions, discuss ideas, or do a quick review of your planning, process, or results.

  • Spend a half-day with Ben. This could be a virtual or onsite experience. This is a great opportunity to provide a learning or ideation session for a small group or team.

  • Spend a day with Ben. This is typically conducted onsite with the client. Use this time to design and develop an idea, action plan, or even review data to discover further insights and define next steps.


Sometimes you need someone to help you frame, focus, and grow. In this method, Ben is utilized as the project owner and driving force behind each phase of the plan. This method is designed to ensure you deliver an outcome or key result that is beyond your present capacity to accomplish.

  • Phase One - Frame. Know where you are. Use data to identify and assess mitigating factors that contributed to your current state.

  • Phase Two - Focus. Know where you want to be. Align market needs with organizational or brand competencies to define implementation plan and target outcomes.

  • Phase Three - Grow. Know how to get there. Build a measurable, repeatable, and scalable business plan that can then be executed to achieve desired results.

Ben is a master of his craft who pours his whole soul into the work he does. His true genius came out right from the start. Ben is a brilliant young man and a gifted leader in his field.
— Dr. Kent Ingle, President, Southeastern University

“I want to help you strategically and systematically identify and eliminate every reason you aren’t experiencing exponential growth. And I’ll walk with you from start to finish.”

Fuel Your Growth

Engagement is the fuel that drives your business. Bursts of energy are good but only when combined with sustained efforts that move people from casual observers to raging evangelists for your brand, business, or cause.

That type of energy doesn’t just happen. It’s planned, intentional, and purposeful. And you don’t accidentally achieve those things. You use data to design and deploy the assets and resources you have today to multiple and maximize your impact tomorrow.

The only thing standing in the way of your next breakthrough is a systematic and sustainable plan that will turn an engaged audience into an army of advocates working on your behalf to ensure your success.

Get Started

The unavoidable reality is Ben is not a robot and you aren’t going to be satisfied with a template. That means a conversation will need to take place—albeit brief. Ben has been on both sides of the table, so he understands what it means to trust an outside resource, protect your budget, and minimize your risk. Most of all, Ben understands the urgency and pressure of delivering on key business and organizational targets in a way that is measurable, repeatable, and scalable.

Time is limited for everyone. If you even have a remote sense that Ben can help, don’t wait another minute.

29 Minutes or Less

Every brand, business, or cause needs four systems to be working for you. In 29 minutes or less, Ben will be able to identify which of the most common pitfalls you’re facing and what might be some potential next steps. You can expect that conversation to revolve around four systems: People, Process, Revenue, and Growth.

Ben is one-of-a-kind. A ghostwriter, author, content marketer, social media strategist, and go-to guy for contemporary marketing strategies. A grounded, servant-leader, Ben has found a way to squeeze more hours into a day becoming one of the most productive and effective strategists I know. His unwavering commitment to quality and results have a positive impact on all who have the benefit to work with Ben.
— Dr. Gary Cole, Chief Development Officer, The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Foundation

How Can Ben Help You?

All the friction that’s keeping you from maximizing your potential is within one or all of those four systems. Ben is committed to providing you a pathway forward that is centered around strategy, implementation, execution, and results.

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